Shimokita Peninsula of Aomori Prefecture Introducing the city of Mustu, a base for tourism, leisure and business

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Mutsu Shimokita Tourist Information
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  Suigenchi Park

The dam was first built in October 1909 as a source of drinking water for the former Critical Naval Department. After that, it was used as the No.1 Reservoir for Ominato-machi until 1976.
 Now, it has undergone repair work and is a place for recreation. In spring, the park becomes filled with cherry blossoms and azaleas, creating a beautiful contrast between the flowers and Japan's oldest arch dam. MAP
 Park office 0175-24-1818

Hayakakenuma Park

The park is famous for the 380 cherry blossom trees of 16 varieties, along with 500 tulips and 400 azaleas that visitors enjoy very much. The wide-open space that makes use of the natural landforms is a favorite place for many people.
An unusual green cherry blossom called Gyoiko (Mid to end of May) is one of the must-sees of the park. MAP
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 This museum exhibits approximately 700 items related to the theme of northern sea defense during the period between August 1902 and present. The stone building built in 1918 was a salon for naval officers. It was designated in 1979 by the Architectural Institute of Japan as a famous historical building from the Showa period. MAP
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